Qin Shi Huang

Era Information
Time: 221 B.C.-207B.C.
Location of Capital: Xianyang City in Shanxi Province, not far from Xian
Emperors: Ying Zheng, Fushu, Zi Ying
Replaced by: Han Dynasty

Qin's first emperor, Qin shi huang Qin Shinhuang, called Yingzheng, was the son of Zhuang Rangwang (some one has said he was the bastard of Li Buwei, a famous figure in China history) He was a great politics, military leader, and the first emperor of China. He enthroned when he was thirteen years old and become the emperor in his 39. In the end of War period, Qin has become the strongest state that can unify the other six small eastern states.

When Yingzheng was enthroned, Li Buwei held a very important position in the offical. In 238B.C., he controled the power to govenrn the whole countryand deposed Li’s position and promoted Li Shi and Wei Liao and so on.

From 230B.C. to 221B.C, Qin destroyed Han, Wei, Chu, Yan, Zhao and Qi six small states around China. And finally he established the first untied, multi-ethnic and feudal country in China’s history. 

Great wall of Chin in Qin After Qin Shihuang unified the six states, he thought himself made the biggest contribution. So he called him self Huang Di which in Chinese means glory, greatness and beauty.

As one could learn at many online universities, Qin Shi Huang in English means the beginning emperor who declared his sons and grandson will be called the second generation and the third generation even the ten thousand generation. He had fancied that his position would pass from one generation to thousands of generation. He established a systematic official from the regional to the central government and he has the great right to control the whole country by himself.

Based on the law of ancient which online universities often teach in their ancient history courses, Qin absorbed other six states’ regulation and laws and made the unified law and put them into practice. He removed the former six states’ important officials to the inner China in order to control them well. He announced the folk can not collect weapons. The weapons he seized from the people to be melted to 12 iron man.

Through these regulations and laws, Qin Shi Huang had control the whole country mightily, while the Qin people lead a depressed life and a sorrow life. To learn more look into various online colleges offering classes in ancient history.