Li Shizhen- A Famous Doctor in Qing Dynasty

Era Information
Life Time: 1518-1593
Location of Capital: Beijing City
Emperors: Kangxi, Yongzheng, Qianlong, Jiaqing, Daoguang, Xianfeng, Tongzhi(Cixi), Guangxu, Puyi
Replaced by: Modern China

Li Shizhen’s father, Li Yanwen was a famous local doctor. Li Shizhen learned from his father and learned a lot from the common people. He put great efforts to search the herbage and gain lots of experience in Chinese herbage treatment. When he was 38 years old, he has been appointed to control the hospital and treatment department by Chu Wang( The king of Chu)

Three years later, he has been introduced to come into the capital and to act as the major doctor. Tai Yi was an organization for the royal court and was destroyed by the unqualified doctor. Li Shizhen only stayed there for one year and then returned home.

Book of Li Shizhen in history of china Li Shizhen has been checked more than 800 medical and academic books. With his rich experience and knowledge, he spend 27 years to compose his famous book, Ben Cao Gang Mu, which enjoy good fame around the world. It was also a conclusion book before the Ming dynasties.

The book has been translated to many versions. He also published other books, such as Ping Hu Mai Xue, Qi Jing Ba Mai Kao and so on.

The doctor business passed in Li Shizhen’s family from his grand father to his father and to him. His grand father and father were both famous local doctors. But the family was often treated badly by the local officals.

Li shizhen's book in history of china dynastyIn order to get out of the difficulty, his father decided to send him to take part in the imperial examination for the hope that one day he can gain the fume and the power to defense his family and be a successful man. .But he often got ill when he was young. For his straightforward personality, he show no interest in the old examination forms. Since he got the degree in old dynasty, he failed in many times of examination.

After several failures, he gave up the plan of being official in government by the imperial examination. He concentrated in medicine field and he told his father about his determination to be a famous doctor.

He wrote to his father “My body like a boat in the counter current and my determination can not be changed at all. I am looking forward to your agreement and fear nothing.” Facing the cruel reality, his father awakened finally and accepts his requirement and taught him by heart. In a few years, he become a very famous doctor.